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AgroWeb eFARMER Chronology of events: AgroWeb eFARMER Navigation Map

14th May 1999. Bratislava, Slovak Republic
The Governments of countries of Visegrad Four (the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Poland, and the Slovak Republic) signed the Visegrad Joint Statement.

5-7th June 2000. Rome, Italy
The Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak COAIM (1st Consultation on Agricultural Information Management - Rome) Delegations had decided to initiate a series of technical discussions and workshops about the future development of AgroWeb CEE Network. (A keystone of AgroWeb CEE Network was put down in 1998, in Nitra, Slovak Republic, during the first international workshop organized by FAO Subregional Office in co-operation with IAALD and NitraNet. AgroWeb has been recognised as an independent professional information network since 1996).

9th June 2000. Stirín, Czech Republic
Prime Ministers of V4 countries signed the Agreement Concerning the Establishment of the International Visegrad Fund (IVF).

1st July 2000. Budapest, Hungary
AgroWeb V4 project was initiated in order to further develop the concept and services of AgroWeb Central Eastern European Network that is also introduced in this booklet parallel with the V-4 project as an organic part of the overall effort.

31st August 2000. Gödöllő, Hungary
V4 Consortium lead by Gödöllő Agribusiness Center Information Management Division (St. Stephen University) submitted successful project porposal to the IVF.
This project had achieved improved information, communication and co-operation between V4 agricultural research and academic institutions together with governments and international organisations through online published information systems, CD-ROMs, trade fair presentations, lectures and printed materials. V4 participants also introduced a pilot European Union online information system. The system was titled the "Essential European Union related Daily AgriBusiness Information Service (EDABIS)" later "EU-Info".

15th November 2000. Gödöllő, Hungary
Closing EDABIS project, suppoterd by the Phare Online Media 2000 Programme. GAK (Agribusiness Centre of St. Stephen University) originally by the request of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development has started up a pilot internet/teletext project in favour of developing a tailor made EU Information Service. Under PHARE programme they started presenting online almost all area-specific legislation materials, the electronic version of the Official Journal with related regulations, news services from EU and domestic resources. All information is daily updated and each piece of textual data is translated to the Hungarian language.

15th May 2001. Bratislava, Slovak Republic
This initiative (No. 45-2000-IVF) later was officially selected and awarded as one of the best implemented project by the council of presidents.

Based on the success of the above project, and the articulated needs of professional for further development of certain topics and information modules, the V4 Participants had started the preparation of the next IVF project.

15th December 2001. Budapest, Hungary
New application successfull, IVF Project No. 1181. contract signed.
The general aim of the project was to strengthen the setting up and operation of EU accession related Agricultural Information System in the Visegrad Four Countries with specific regard to establishment of International Network in the Visegrad Four Countries.This programme was successfull in raising awareness of enterprises and professional organisations in the V4 countries to the policy of market regulations and rural development financial measures of the EU as well as to the common food safety challenges in relation with EU integration by the means of information services as well as series of meetings and publications.

22-23rd April 2002. Budapest, Hungary
Harmonisation meeting of professionals and project partners.

29th May 2002. Gödöllő, Hungary
Preparation of agricultural specialists for EU structural funds by means of information exchange.National presentation of project.

12th June 2002. Prague, Czech Republic
Project results presentation to professionals and media by Comenius.

1st September 2002. Budapest, Hungary
International Visegrad Fund Project No. 1181. "Electronic V4-EU Information Network to facilitate European agricultural integration process especially in the fields of market regulations, rural development programmes and food safety" was succesfully realised by the cooperation of Pannonia RCC and GABC PBC, with financial support of IVF and technical assistance by FAO SEUR.

3rd March 2003.
As a result of a series of discussion during the period between September 2002 and January 2003, an integrated concept was formulated by the V4 partners, that aimed at bringing information services down to the farm level. This concept lead to the launching of eFARMER project. Registering eFARMER. ORG domain was completed by March 2003.

23-27th March 2003. Nitra, Slovak Republic
Food Safety and Quality in Transition CountriesSAU Conference was held with three main sections: Food Safety and Quality. 9th CEE Roundtable of International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD CEE Chapter). FAO Satellite Workshop: Internet Portal on Food Safety.

31st March 2004.
eFarmer project plan is developed by GAK, Gödöllő. Program proposal is prepared, organising CEE/V4 consortium is launched.

10 - 11th June 2004. Rome, Italy
AgroWeb CEE Network is recognised at the GLOBAL.RAIS project Inter-Regional Workshop by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research as an example for regional information systems on a global scale, also including the use of information services at the farm level.

10 - 13rd November 2004. Budapest, Hungary
The Information Management CEE Expert Consultation held with the participation of professionals from ZADI, OEZ Uni Hohenheim, GFAR, FAO, CELK, GAK, UVTIP, etc. strenghteined the position of AgroWeb as the capable system of providing networking and information services for agricultural users at the farmer level.

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